Blackburn UK 2014

‘Fantastic 7-day workshop on Geometric art with Saba… I had an amazing time in Morocco the trip inspired me so much. It was an amazing trip full of culture, colour, laughter and education’
Artist S. Sajid

Hounslow UK 2014

‘Had the most incredible Geometry workshop in Fes with Saba who organized the whole itinerary for this beautiful city including Meknes. Very blessed to have had this inspiring opportunity to take part. A wonderful time and highly recommended experience, with so much thanks to Saba for making this journey so special’
S. Haq

California United States (Online Student) 2014

Thank you Saba for helping me, you have proved that distance and time doesn’t matter when spreading knowledge you have been gifted with’
A. Shams

Bristol UK (Online student) 2014

‘Knowing I couldn’t attend your workshops nationally or abroad, with my young kids, would have left me heartbroken but am so glad you agreed to teach me online. Now I’m just too excited about each lesson’

About Me
‘The Sacred Visual language of Geometry is at the heart of my work inspiring me to produce Abstract, Contemporary Designs, Paintings, Murals and 3D Installations.

The aim of my work is to harness or capture the interplay of Universal Principles of Balance, Harmony, Proportion, Colour and simple Essence of forms to produce visual work that is Beautiful, Timeless and Contemplative’.

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