Fundación Tres Culturas

Bradford Literature Festival

West Yorkshire Print Workshop (WYPW)

Horse and Bamboo Theatre


Hudddersfield and Mirfield Post

Yorkshire Post

Salts Mill 



Museum Sheffield

Graves Galleries

Tate Britain

Harris Museum Art Gallery

Millenium Dome

Effat College

Islamic Society of Britain

Mumtaz Paan House

Princes School of Traditional Art

Love & Etiquette Foundation

About Me
‘The Sacred Visual language of Geometry is at the heart of my work inspiring me to produce Abstract, Contemporary Designs, Paintings, Murals and 3D Installations.

The aim of my work is to harness or capture the interplay of Universal Principles of Balance, Harmony, Proportion, Colour and simple Essence of forms to produce visual work that is Beautiful, Timeless and Contemplative’.

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